Las Cruces Home Values

Buying Las Cruces?
Las Cruces Home Values are currently at about $135K median.  Meaning 50% of homes in Las Cruces have sold above that price and 50% of sold below that price.  The good news for buyers, is after the turndown in the real estate market in 2010, prices are on the rise which indicates a slow rise in home prices as we are normally used to, But…  Prices are still not at the 2010 values.  This could be one of those times in history you will look back on and wish you would have purchased.

SellingLas Cruces?
If you are selling your home in Las Cruces and would like to know the current market price for you home, I can give you a FREE market analysis that will compare your home to other similar homes that have sold.  You can get a good fell if selling is the right thing for you. There is no obligation for a market report.  It all part of the service at Alamo Britt Realty.

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