Choosing the right place to live in Las Cruces
Las Cruces Neighborhoods

Las Cruces Neighborhoods

From Spanish colonization to the civil war, to the arrival of the rail roads and American Expansion, all have left their mark on Lac Cruces New Mexico.  Because of this, home styles can vary from neighborhood to neighborhood.  Each has their unique charm.

In the Mesquite District to the East of main street are mostly adobe, while the homes in the Amameda district to the west of Main street are more like homes you would find back east in Chicago or Philadelphia.

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Mesquite District
The Mesquite District homes are representative of the style of home that was popular when the town founded back in 1849.  After drawing out 80 square blocks, one hundred and twenty families gathered under a cottonwood tree and drew lot numbers out of a hat to determine what home lot they would build their home on.  The homes in this Las Cruces Neighborhood is very representative of what many people think of when they think of Southwest Living. Adobe homes and even California Mission style are very popular in this neighborhood.

Amameda District
The Amameda district in Las Cruces has drastically different architecture.  After the arrival of the rail road, the Alameda district became very popular and families built styles more in line with those they knew back home in the east.   Styles range from Gothic, Queen Anne, Georgian, Pueblo Revival and other contemporary styles of the period.  There are over 200 homes designated as historical significant.  

Metro Verde
Metro Verde is located in the Northern part of the Las Cruces.  This is a master planned community slated to cover almost 2000 acres.  The plans include single family homes, multi family as well as commercial and retail.  Metro Verde boasts the cities newest infrastructure from new playgrounds, basketball courts, to sewers, and roads.  

Red Hawk Golf course is also a focal point of this Las Cruces neighborhood.  If you would like to build or move in now, there are lots of lots to choose from and newly constructed homes on the market.

Talavera is located not the east side of Las Cruces.  Talaver sits literally at the base of the Organ mountains.   The mountains provide a dramatic backdrop for this neighborhood.  The Talavera neighborhood gives you a sense of being part of the New Mexico landscape.  The mountains and views make this a spectacular place to live.  You are a little way out of town so wildlife are more common.  Another great perk of being out of town a bit is the multitude of outdoor recreation.  You can literally mountain bike, or take off on a trail run from your front door.  A lot of the poplar destinations for outdoor activities are very close by.  The lot sizes are also a bit larger, half acre to even 5 acre lots are fairly common.

Sonoma Ranch
There has been a lot of residential growth in the Sonoma Ranch area lately because of convenience of access to shopping, recreation, golf, and many of Las Cruces’ Major employers.  There are several architectural choices to choose from.  There is a mixture of Southwestern style, Pueblo style, Spanish style, Tuscan style, and even some contemporary homes. There are also a few gated communes in the Sonoma Ranch area.

Las Cruces offers a lot of real estate and home choices.  If you have questions or would like to tour one of the neighborhoods feel free to contact me.

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