Las Cruces Property Taxes

Property Taxes in Las CrucesMany of my real estate client ask about property taxes in Las Cruces.  In Dona County property taxes are based on the marketable value from the prior year.  On the upside there are restrictions that don’t allow for valuations to go above 3% in any given year.  The only exceptions to that rule are when a home sells it can be revalued at that point, or if you have made recent remodels or additions to the home or if there was a zoning change that would affect proper values.

You may qualify for one of the exemptions that are provided.  The head of the household can receive a $2000 reduction in the value of your taxes real estate.  Veterans can claim a $4000 deduction in the value of their taxed real setae and fully disabled veterans can receive a 100% deduction for the value of their taxes real estate.

County Assessor
For more information on county taxes for the Las Cruces area, contact the county assessor.
Andy Segovia
County Assessor
845 N. Motel Blvd.
Las Cruces, NM 88007
575-647-7400 (phone)
575-525-5538 (fax)